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Each year, we virtually bring together talented makers from around the world to create impactful products and put their skills to the ultimate test. The entire process is recorded and published online to show how products come together.

Our rumblers receive meaningful prizes and opportunities from our global sponsors, which include the top companies in the nocode space. The best product voted by the nocode community secures investment from Codeless Ventures.

The Nocode Rumble was launched by serial maker, Sarkis Buniatyan, to proactively demonstrate the power of nocode tools through annual challenges. This year, he challenged 8 makers to develop 8 products with him in 3 months and they succeeded.

Swipe Files
By Corey Haines, San Diego

Swipe Files is a curated library of marketing and copywriting examples with detailed teardowns of what makes them great.

Corey is the current Head of Growth at Baremetrics and previously the first marketing hire at Cordial. He is a Seth Godin fanboy, podcast binger, and lover of all things marketing, software, and entrepreneurship. He previously created Hey Marketers, a job board just for marketers, as well as Mental Models For Marketing, a course about timeless marketing principles and psychology, and Refactoring Growth, turning SaaS makers into growth marketers.

Lean Musician

Lean Musician helps you deconstruct, create, and learn music more effectively with a talented composer, producer and nocoder.

Jack Vaughan is a composer, conductor and the founder of Lean Musician. His courses have been taken by thousands of students in over 100 countries and he has been teaching and directing music for over 10 years. Jack's work focuses on helping musicians be more effective and passionately engaged with their work - in performance, composition and inner game. Jack also works in tech as an educator, training non-technical developers to create software with no-code.

Insured Nomads
By andrew jernigan, rio de janeiro

Insured Nomads helps you experience the world safely by simplifying insurance and offering protection and peace of mind.

Andrew is entering his 20th year as a digital nomad/expat, a dad to global nomads, and the husband to an incredible business partner/co-founder that longs to keep circling the globe living in new countries. Along with a team of experts, they launched Insured Nomads in 2019, a provider of specialized international insurance solutions offering the World Explorer line of travel insurance plans and the Nomad Health Insurance line of medical insurance plans, life insurance and disability insurance plans.


Ubuild curates nocode excellence and enables makers to share quick narrated tutorials teaching you how to create practically anything with nocode tools in under 5 mins. Introducing #SwiftBuilds!

Nocode Mentors
By Quentin Villard, PARIS

Nocode Mentors helps you get mentored by the top nocode makers, discover the power of nocode tools, and elevate your skills.

Quentin is the current Head of Growth in a French tech startup and has been working for SaaS startups for the past 4 years. He is a former music producer and entrepreneur. He now combines his passion for nocode and helping others by creating products that empower makers. Aside from Nocode Mentors, he runs Nocode Essentials, a directory and newsletter dedicated to publishing the top nocode resources.

Nomad Tax

Nomad Tax simplifies taxes for digital nomads around the world.

Krystal is the Founder and Chief Nerd in Charge at Nomad Tax. She's been in the tax game for going on a decade now, and after becoming a digital nomad herself, she decided to put her skills to use in the community. When she's not navigating running a fully remote team and keeping up with all the treasury changes, you can find her hopping flights to all corners of the world.

By Hruthika Charan, Bangalore

Unearth'd unearths unique products and makers from around the world.

Hruthika is a product marketing consultant by day and works with early stage startups. Her passion is to use the skills she has picked up over the years to discover and curate unique products and makers and give them the exposure and opportunities they deserve.


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